Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Preservatives" protect status quo

Just finished reading through Jeff Jarvis' trenchant analysis of the recently released Federal Trade Commission report on ideas for preserving journalism. Jarvis is one of the sharpest analysts of the trends in the emerging news ecosystem, and I'd highly recommend this particular piece.

The comments are good, too, although one in particular caught my eye as potentially coining a new political term.

In a comment about how the general gist of the report seemed to be protecting the status quo, a commenter named Dave Chase wrote:

This is another example where traditional political labels don’t work. The labels “conservative” and “liberal/progressive” are inaccurate in describing the perspective of the power structure in the D.C. system. The proper title would be something like “preservatives.”

In other words, when you have progressives who don't stand for real change, but want to take the conservative approach of protecting entrenched interests that match their views, smush the words together and you get: preservatives. Great term, Dave! Hope it catches on

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